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Our Favourite Albums of 2006

Ok, so in the past week or so we have been reading a lot about the 1000 greatest albums of the year and top 50 best singles that start with the letter 'H' etc etc.

Now these lists are all great and fun to read but we wanted to do something a little different. We didn't want to have a limit on how many albums we came with. We wanted to recognise only those genuinally fantastic albums. The ones that are great from start to finish, not just one killer song or a handful of mind blowingly awesome tracks sprinkled across a full length, but 100% good.

So, we put no limit on our favourite albums list of 2006. We could have come up with 50, we could have come up with 1. We poured some super large vodkas, whipped out our favourite LP's of the past 12 months and started to listen. And get drunk. This is what we came up with..

TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain
TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain When this leaked on the interweb at the start of the year it completely floored us. It has hard to describe. Poppy yet not completely accessible, cosmic but not soo arty that the listeners were alienated from the music. In short, this was the clear highlight for us in 2006 and the one thing we could agree to. As we sipped our badly mixed lemon vodka drinks we both agreed that nothing came even close to beating the engaging and pure awesomeness of this release.

Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming
Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I Am Dreaming On this release, a slighlty more minimal version of Wolf Parade, Spencer Krug's emotional and distinct voice marries perfectly with the floating style of the production and music. Everytime I listened to this album this year I picked up a new little clever line and double meaning in the lyrics of a song, which is what made this album so much more interesting than numerous other releases this year which we good for a short time but grew tiresome and boring once I crossed the border into Over Listening Town. This never got old.

The Dears - Gang Of Losers
The Dears - Gang Of Losers There have been far too many similar 'indie' albums released over the past two years. Often high quality releases will slip through the cracks. This album did everything every other indie release has done over the past couple but it just did it so much better. It made many other releases look passion-less and stale in comparision.

Die! Die! Die!
Die! Die! Die! - Die! Die! Die! The Steve Albini produced debut that completely summed up the raw power and unique style of Die! Die! Die!. This album was also (almost) successful in capturing the quality of the New Zealand punksters' live show with the raw production style and short running time (about 22 minutes for the full album). This album is like a flurry of music, noise and capturing music which, when it comes to an end, immediately makes you want to rewind and do that all again.

The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes. Dumb? No.
The Mint Chicks - Crazy? Yes. Dumb? No. I love it when bands take risks. It shows more artistic integrity that anything else in this music 'business'. The Mint Chicks, on their second full release and the first with completely new material was a more polished and forceful album. It was a natural step forward from the raw style of their early EP's and the forementioned debut. The band had matured musically, taken a risk in developing their style and the result was a 'complete' album where there is not need to reach for the skip button at any point in time.

Yeah, so I guess that's it. They are the albums that really 'got' us this year. The ones we couldn't ignore or get over. Hopefully, next year the list will be longer, but who knows. Merry Xmas to all and thanks for reading and listening to our dribble this year. We will see yo all next year bitchez for more funz and gamez.

Note: this is just our opinion, we might not have liked it or it might not have fallen onto our radars. We know opinions are like assholes and embrassing uncles, but we are puting this out there and record it all down before we forget. The forum is there for you to vent all you like kiddles.

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