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Polaroids Of Androids


Peabody and Actor/Model tag team the East Coast

Actor slash Model
Actor/Model - 'goofing' around.

Yo, wrestling fans? Cross over marketing? Hulk 'whatssssup' Hogan?

Intros!!! Here are some DATES where (if you go along to the place that corresponds) you will see two DAMN fine local bands performing - Actor/Model from Melbs-born and Sydney's own Peabody. Finishing moves EVERYWHERE!

Friday, May 15: Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne (w/ Electric Jellyfish + Cuba Is Japan)
Friday, May 29: Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay (w/ DZ)
Saturday, May 30: Troubadour, Brisbane (w/ Butcher Birds + DZ)
Saturday, June 6: Hopetoun Hotel, Sydney (w/ The Laurels + Border Thieves)

Great to see the Sydney show will be opened up (and smacked down) by one of our faves - Border Thieves. Whatever you do don't let the Ultimate Werner get up on the top ropes though, otherwise that shit will be ooooohhhh-ver.

You can also catch Peabody playing tonight (Anzac Day) at the Hopetoun alongside Charge Group and The Laurels.


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*whacks story over the back of the head with conveniently hidden folding chair*

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

starting to get really very excited for this.... had peabody on repeat all week..

1 decade ago

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