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Polaroids Of Androids


Polaroids of 2013roids

Keen observers of WWW platforms and their related mediums will have noticed that overnight this humble lil' webspace transformed slightly. Just a casual lick of paint, a thousand Codeman hours and a handful of new features, which are listed and discussed below.

Before we get to all that though, we must throw a big thanks in the direction of Mitch Beige Brown from Gang Atelier for his tireless work as Chief Artistic Mentor on this project. In addition to his little "white space vs information" problem-solving, he also re-jigged our logo for the 25th century.

Enough back-patting and designer tugging (what invoice, mate?) let's take a quick guided tour...

The site now works a bit nicer on mobiles. It's only been tested on an iPhone 4 with a chipped screen and a thousand tales of mistreatment, so let me know if it doesn't work as smoothly on your Samsung Galaxy Mach 4.

Facebook Login
We recently stopped in for few Zuckerburgers at a local family dining spot and noticed every Tom, Dick and Harriet punching away on their Facebooks, updating their photos and tagging in pictures of their deceased pets and favourite Bieber look-a-likes. So, we thought, "how can we successfully synergize this with our leveraged platform?". The answer is — you can now login with your Facebook details if you'd like to comment. Feel the rise of our stock price.

25% better than HTML4 and (at least) five times better than HTML1, which only worked on Geocities Computers and the outerspace Dell Substation. You don't care about mark-up do you? You shouldn't. But you should care about the ability to now stream songs using the HTML5 Audio Object. No more Flash (*see below). Yep, it'll work on your phone as well, so you can listen to that bluddy Mining Boom song on your painfully long Parramatta Road bus ride every morning.

Browser Support
Everything was tested in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer (version 8 and above). But, of course, as anyone in the web-creation game would know, there's a zillion variables contained within each browser listed there (ie. operating system, number of coffees on your desk, your marital status etc) so just let us know if anything is funky and you suspect that it that probably shouldn't be THAT funky. PS: if you're running Ubuntu with a hacked open source version of Netscape Navigation: a) I don't know if anything will work; b) you're a bloody legend.

We Be Ogging? Nope
All of our posts with streamable audio clips (we mostly call them Reacharounds) contain sound files wrapped up in the cuddly little MP3 blanket. This works lovely with the HTML5 Audio Object (as discussed above) but Firefox doesn't believe in the longevity of this codec, thus they only allow files with the OGG codec to be played. Re-encoding all of the uploaded files wasn't an option. So, 19% of you (December 2012 statistics) will have to get by streaming the MP3 files via a modified version of the audio player (yes, it's in Flash) OR update yourself to a better browser.

The Playlist
Speaking of listening to stuff, there's a new little thing on the Reacharounds page called The Playlist. This is basically just the most recent musical goods we've uploaded and discussed. Play 'em all, soak up all our bandwidth, rack up our hosting costs, force us to sell our condos and moderately priced two-door sports coupes.

Style is still a section
You spoke, we didn't listen. Your complaints mean a lot to us, but we'll keep flogging this Dead Horse until we get an e-vite to all the Sydney Mercedes Benz Fashion Week parties.

Less Adverts
For now. We'll probably flood the site with pop-ups and takeovers and editorial spam commentary. Soon. But for now relish in the lack of flashy things telling you to buy things you don't need, with money you don't have. That said, if you want to talk about advertising and/or buying this domain for a billion dollars let us know.

What do YOU think?
Despite reports to the contrary (above), we care what you think. Let us know in the comments below if anything is more broken than a social scene and/or if you'd like to give us some feedback or suggestions. You can even login with your Facebook details. Oh, we've already mentioned that.

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also: great job! site looks siiiiiick

8 years ago


Really happy that this looks better on my iPhone. I frequently surf this website on my phone while lying on the couch (because I'm too lazy to walk to the computer).

8 years ago


Cheers to the hardest worker in the room, Franklin Gothic.

8 years ago

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