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Exciting news in our world today.

No, it's not a new Spoon song that will 'Blow' your 'mind' or a reforming of Fugazi that will set 'the' world 'on' fire.

This shit is real, and it is happening right now in front of your eyes. As of today in conjunction with all your favourite local independant bands, and all the ones you've never heard of yet we are starting to sell EPs, Albums, Records, T-Shirts, Trucker Caps and personalised Frisbees that are produced by the very artists that make the Australian music scene churn along at the frenetic pace that it does.

While I may be a little over excited about the lengths we are going to, we do truly believe that the sky is the limit. And while we are starting off small with our initial catalogue (I'll get to that in a minute) we are truly excited about selling all sorts of items on behalf of some of Australia's best musical talent.

So what have we got to offer I hear you ask? How about the band most likely to get sweat on you at one of their energy filled shows, The Straight Arrows, and their rollicking debut 7' Can't Count / Something Happens for a measly $10 plus $1 postage.

Or if infectious, intelligent pop music is more your style, how can you possibly go past Sydney's own Pang and their debut EP I Don't Want Your Medicine for only $11 with $1 postage.

And finally, if a stripped back acoustic disc from our favourite New Zealand Ex-Pats Batrider is more your flavour, you can pick up their limited edition Pink Guitars, Yellow Stars for $10 plus $1 to post it out.

We are truly excited about, and feel very blessed to be able to offer some of our favourite bands' merchandise to an audience that they haven't previously had access to.

And in case you were wondering, after we cover our costs, the band receives all revenue from sales of their materials via our site. We're only in it for the purposes of providing to fans the music they crave but often can't get anywhere other than at a gig, which as much as we like to attend can be hard to do so because of the busy lives we all lead.

We would love to hear what you think about this idea, and whether you have some request for artists we should approach to get their stuff in the store, so either contact us directly, or jump in the forum and get talking about it.

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