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Random Little Things: Black Lips, The Presets, Say Cheese and Die!

Black Lips, because they are some crazy-kooky-kids, have started their own hotline. If you call 949-836-7407 you will be greeted by a member of the band - that is if they can be assed picking it up.

Over at the home of bright colours, Modular, you can download a remix of The Presets' newest single My People. We don't really like the Presets that much but the fact the remix is called 'the Mouse On Mars Terror Pretz Remix version' got this little bit of news over the line.

Morningbell has some fantastic photos from the album launch and 'farewell to the world' Say Cheese and Die! show last night. We are saddened that we couldn't make it down in the end. Farewell cheesers, you will definitely be missed.

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Say Cheese And Die!
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