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Random Little Things: Ohana, Fabulous Diamonds, Gnarls Barkley, CakeHole, Children Collide, Be Your Own Pet

Wollongong's Ohana and Melbourne's fantastic, art-rock/experimental kids, Fabulous Diamonds have been announced as the support acts for My Disco's show at the Oxford Art Factory next month. All that for only TEN DOLLARS *cough* plus booking fee. Bargainzzz!!!!

Over at Amazon you can stream the entire new Gnarls Barkley record.

One of girls from The Veronicas has unleashed a new side-project called themselves CakeHole. Trashy bad eighties electronic shit coming to a television commercial near you soon!

Universal music has just announced that they have signed Melbourne band, Children Collide. We have previously mentioned our dislike for the group and now we are currently preparing to unleash a big 'told you they suck' on you all in around October when their planned debut album hits stores.

Speaking of Universal, the strong-armed record label have reportedly removed some of the tracks from Be Your Own Pet's new album due to concerns over violent lyrics. Apparently they want them to sell and sell BIG. And yes, this is the same label that put out a song by Enminem were he angrily spits the line - 'Sit down bitch, you move again and I'll beat the shit out of you'.

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