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Rice Is Nice does 5 years, and does it well

Five years ago when Rice Is Nice launched it seemed as though Sydney was at a crossroads. And not the smooth, relaxing, grinding-one-out-on-yer-special-someone crossroads that's clearly depicted in that Bone Thugs song either, but rather a far less pleasant scenario. The Hopetoun was closing; or at least on it's final final fire hazard / less-than-50-security-guards-on-duty warning. Cunts (yourself/myself included) had long/unwashed hair and were slamming down teapots at World Bar until 5am whilst watching SPOD transform music history. And, most disgustingly, we were all writing embarrassing reviews of the aforementioned activities using graphs and sentences such as "completely exceeding my crazy high expectations". Exactly how "crazy high" were these expectations, mate?

Over the past 5 years my expectations — whilst successfully remaining both crazy and high — have been consistently met, greeted and (occasionally) throttled in the guts by the releases that the Rice Is Nice team have put out; including, but limited only by my Friday afternoon recalling abilities — The Laurels, Summer Flake, Straight Arrows, SPOD (musically and in creative beer-cooling promotional campaigns), Donny Benet, Good Heavens, Richard In Your Mind.... I could go on for bloody days.

And now, the little bastard is turning five years old. Five bloody years mate, in the music biz that equates to approximately an absolute fucking eternity or; seven failed Andrew Stockdale comeback solo albums in the old system.

To celebrate this crowning achivement of consistent survival, Rice Is Nice is putting on a showcase — a perfectly apt Sunday afternoon event at the (recently re-juvenated) 'Roller Den' room at The Imperial Hotel, Erskineville.

All relevant strands of information of which is contained within this graphic image. Pre-sale tickets available now via OzTix and/or get social via this Facebook event.

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