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Riff Raff Australian tour details leak

Update (April 26): Confirmed.

For a while now, the filthy backstreets of the Internet have been littered with rumours that future Hip-Hop Hall-of-Famer, Riffy Raff aka Jody Highroller aka James "Spring Break Em Off Sumthing" Franco, would be heading our way sometime this year. Well, tickle me yellow like cheap diamonds and cover me in Pringles, it seems like it might actually to be happening.

Thanks to our man J-Ox for this sneaky screen-grab from Riff's Instagram (the original image has now been deleted)...

Given the Sydney locale, it would seem as though he'll be here for Vivid. The date also neatly syncs up with the Good God hosted night of the festival — the line-up of which is still yet to be announced.

And here's Riff's latest instant classic, Rap Game James Franco.

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