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R.I.P Society Birthday Party playing times (kinda)

Only moments after the sentence "probably don't expect the release of playing times" had passed through the lower intestine of the filthy mammal that hosts and functions this WWW Operation, someone over at R.I.P Society busted open the office supply closet and got to work...

For those already TGIF-ing into their third Carlton Cold, that's roughly...

4:30pm - Wallaby Beat DJs
5:00pm - Ghastly Spats / Housewives
5:30pm - Rat Columns
6:00pm - Cured Pink
6:40pm - Half High
7:20pm - Constant Mongrel
8:00pm - Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
8:30pm - The Native Cats
9:00pm - Holy Balm
9:30pm - Woollen Kits
10:00pm - Feedtime
11:00pm - The Dead C

*Presumably very approximate though.



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R.I.P. Society
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys
Ghastly Spats
Constant Mongrel
Rat Columns
The Native Cats
Holy Balm
The Dead C
Woollen Kits


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