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Small Headlines: SMAC Awards, Straight Arrows, Laneway Festival, Sum 41

Midget Mac

Voting in the 2010 SMAC Awards closes tomorrow. Hints: Richard In Your Mind, Straight Arrows, Ghoul, Guineafowl and Halfway Crooks.

Speaking of Straight Arrows, the ruckus-luvin punks have been named as the main support for Les Savy Fav's two Laneway Festival sideshows - Melbourne (Tuesday, February 8) and Sydney (Thursday, February 10).

Speaking of Laneway, the winners of their Triple J Unearthed competition have been announced - Boom! Bap! Pow! (Perth), Buchanan (Melbourne), WIM (Sydney) and Inland Sea (Brisbane).

The organisers have also found a few stray tickets for the *sold out* Sydney and Melbourne events. The tickets will be available via the festival's website from noon this Friday (January 14).

Speaking of THIS FRIDAY, it's also the day that tickets for the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Sum 41 Sydney sideshow (Tuesday, March 1) FINALLY go on sale. Get your teenage punk self onto the Metro Theatre website at 9am to ensure you become part of Music History.

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