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Polaroids Of Androids


So, what was your favourite song of 2006?

There is a lot of talk this week about Triple J's Hottest 100 countdown which is happening this Friday (Australia Day).

I am genuinally excited (yes! excited!) about this years countdown, because there are a few songs that I think that I really think might have a chance at getting close to the top. My excitement is doubling suprising because I have become increasingly disapointed with Triple J as a radio station, and I was mortified with how bad last years' countdown was (the 45 Wolfmother songs..).

So, because this years countdown is only a couple of days away I thought I would try what is commonly known as 'interaction'.

We are interested to know what your favourite song of 2006 was. Mostly because when the countdown does suck at least I will have the opinions of you beautiful readers to fall back on, to make me not completely lose faith in the musical world.

Sorry, voting has now closed. Check back soon for the completely summary of the Hottest 100 and the user-contributed voting part..

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