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Sound Summit comes to Sydney, continues to be awesome

Like you, in previous years my primary complaint about the wonderful Sound Summit Festival was that it was hosted in the far off distant land of Newcastle, only accessible for 12 minutes a day when the tide of The Tony Butterfield Lake resides. The curators have heard our silent protests and this year relocated the four-day festival to the global heart of Culture — Marrickville.

Apparently, it'll also be happening in the recently gentrified suburb of Redfern as well, but at this stage the only venues named are The Red Rattler and the Marrickville Bowling Club. Dates and acts are locked in though. November 7 - 10. And heaps of names below.

  • Oval (Germany)
  • Tyvek (USA)
  • Heatsick (UK)
  • Container (USA)
  • Real Numbers (USA)
  • Ooga Boogas
  • Bushwalking
  • Marco Fusinato
  • Four Door
  • Angel Eyes
  • The Stevens
  • Jon Watts
  • Bare Grillz
  • Unity Floors
  • Cured Pink
  • Matthew Brown
  • Housewives
  • Exhaustion

The rest of the line-up will be announced in mid-September, with the full conference and workshop program released in October. More info and sounds over on the Sound Summit webspace.

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