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SPOD reveals details of Superfrenz tour

Electro/hip-hop/avante-HARD giant SPOD has always played 'the music game' a little tougher than his rivals. In support of his forthcoming Superfrenz album he will be hitting the road for a national BUT he has stated that if EVERY SHOW doesn't 100% sell out AND he doesn't get (gentle and slightly sexual) back-rubs from everyone in attendance then he will 'sacrifice' this cat...


So, if you like cats and/or crazy party machines who play Gameboys like they are instruments then these are the DATES to mark into your webiaries (web diaries):

Saturday, October 11: Shapes, Perth
Friday, October 17: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday, October 18: Enigma Bar, Adelaide
Friday, October 24: Oxford Tavern, Wollongong - FREE!
Saturday, October 25: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Friday, October 31: Hotel Great Northern, Byron Bay - FREE!
Saturday, November 1: Step Inn , Brisbane
Sunday, November 2: Sol Bar, Coolum Beach

The SPODster will be supported at ALL shows by the mighty WOW.

Superfrenz is in stores from September 29.

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el zilcholas

I want to see SPOD supported by Dan Deacon, with songs introduced by Dr Steve Brule and David Liebe Hart hosting the after party. It would be perfection.

and If I don't get a ticket to his OAF show, then I might just kill some cats myself...

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

unofficial jonny birthday party 08

1 decade ago


That photo makes me smile :D

1 decade ago


spod gets bonus points for being one of the few local musicians with totally sweet back up dancers.


did anyone go to the fbi party?

please don't sacrifice scout, he's just a regular catdude trying to live his life!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

hey, i don't make the rules.. i just report 'fictional facts'

spod is a tough cookie

1 decade ago


scout has been meowing like a cow every single morning at 7am outside my bedroom door so i now give spod full permission to sacrifice him if the shows don't completely sell out...

1 decade ago

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