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Spring Break presents: Bummer Vibes

Update (17/01): *tentative* playing times.

Cut and pasted straight from the Bloody Press Release, birthed from the computer of Spring Break CEO and festival organiser, Chris "Alps Of Newcastle" Hearn...

"The honeymoon period is over"
"Bummer Vibes is going to be terrible"
"Bummer Vibes promises to be the worst festival ever"

Proudly brought to you by the same folks that made us trek up to Newcastle for Summer Vibes, Totally Autumn and Winter Chills, Bummer Vibes is the least ambitious, self-deprecating Adventure yet, featuring Zero international acts, a public nuisance and a band called Camperdown & Out.

"Michael Hutchence's funeral"

Headlined by musician/artist/gatecrasher Peter Hore — the man that once turned up uninvited to Michael Hutchence's funeral, flopped on Fuifui Moimoi and has generally stirred more shit than a Heinz soup factory worker — Bummer Vibes will also feature Brisbane's Kitchen's Floor and some of the least "buzzy" Sydney bands. And the fucking Fighting League.

"Well, at least there's no bands from Melbourne playing"
"There's a bunch of great Newcastle bands on the bill"
"The disappointing lineup is only the beginning"

And, here's that disappointing line-up in all it's (diseased) Glory (hole of hepatitis-infected pain)...

  • Peter Hore
  • Kitchen's Floor
  • The Fighting League
  • The Nugs
  • Raw Prawn
  • Unity Floors
  • No Art
  • The Gooch Palms
  • The Sweats
  • Camperdown & Out
  • Bacon Cakes
  • Matt Banham
  • Lenin Lennon
  • Drillbit
  • Convent
  • Dracopede
  • Rat King
  • Bare Grillz
  • Mermaids
  • Polyfox
  • Mysteries

It's all happening on February 18 from (about) midday at the Croatian Club in Wickham, Sunny Newcastle.

"Presale tickets will probably be on sale by Friday from oztix for $10+bf, but don't buy one because you're worried it's going to sell out, because it won't". Tickets on the door will be $15.

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Peter Hore
Unity Floors
The Fighting League
Bare Grillz
Rat King
Raw Prawn
Lenin Lennon
Polyfox and The Union Of The Most Ghosts
Matt Banham
No Art


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