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Talons lock in album details, play two shows in Melbourne this Friday

Talons' loooooooooooooooooong (x5) awaited debut album finally has a release date. May 30th. Lock that into your electronic diaries and/or pocket organisers right NOW young pilgrammers/programmers. OFFICIAL!

The album, which at this stage is self-titled, was produced by Tim Carr who has previously worked with Dead China Doll and Ohana. It will be released via new(ish) independent label Rice Is Nice, home of fellow Sydneysiders SPOD and Traps. The label recently signed a distribution deal with Fuse Music which means we should be getting a fairly healthy dose of records from them over the next few months/years. If their current roster is anything to go by I think this early high school crush could transform to a full blown stalk-fest at breakneck speed.

The tracklisting:

  1. All The Tricks
  2. Redheads
  3. Dazzling Metallic Stallions
  4. Frankenpanther
  5. Gravitron
  6. Bayonet
  7. Keys & Codes
  8. Scoffers & Understanders
  9. Walking Straight Past Mona Lisa

The cover art (hand drawn by frontman Christian J Best)...

Talons album cover

Oh.. and we know what you are thinking - "that album cover is not square, what the fuck is the deal?". Well, firstly - clean your mouth. Would you pash your Nanna with that tongue? AND secondly, YES... the artwork is NOT square, but that's NOT because Talons will be pioneering oval CD's, nor because the record will becoming out on a special double VHS set-up like the original version of Malcolm X. It's because that's the RAW album cover artwork. That image will more than likely form the cover and a little bit of the back. Wrap around styles.

Those down in Melb-town have a (fairly) rare chance to hear some of the new songs when the trio 'pop down the Hume' next Friday (April 17) playing a pair of shows - first at The Old Bars 8th Birthday and then at Pony taking on the much revered '2am slot'.

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Nice... think I will head into Melbourne this Friday for the gig at Old Bar... not sure I will make it to Pony (that place is like a time warp where you enter at midnight and then 2 seconds later it's 6am and you are struggling to get home... its's pure evil)...

Anyone else going to be in Melbourne town for the gig?

1 decade ago

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