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Talons pull out of Friday night's Oxford Art Factory show

Unfortunately Talons have been forced to pull out of the headline slot at Oxford Art Factory tomorrow night due to personal reasons. Fingers crossed that all is well in Camp Talons.

But... the show must go on and Talons have been replaced by TWO fresh bands - dirty rockers Circle Pit and the Mercy Arms vs Valentinos side project Fashion Launches Rocket Launches (who were originally scheduled to play in the side bar).

Playing times:

11:30 Fashion Launches Rocket Launches
11:00 Circle Pit
10:30 The Silver Moon Uprising
10:00 Nigga Faggot Jesus Band
9:30 Dora Maar
9:00 Whores

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Fashion Launches Rocket Launches
Circle Pit
The Silver Moon Uprising
Nigga Faggot Jesus Band
Dora Maar


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Jonny Yes Yes

i am interesting in seeing how they handle the N... F... Jesus Band name on the playing time list... just got a press release from OAF with this..

10:00 N**** F***** Jesus Band

1 decade ago


I haz transport issues. If I get there and can't get in I will be sad, kinda like this --> ;(

1 decade ago

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