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TGIF: Colbert, Mobb Deep, SPOD, Art, Science, WU LYF

Hi guys/gals/mates. YES. TGIF indeed. Colbert, Fallon and The Roots (Pleasantly Awkward Black Thought, sup?) know what we mean...

Speaking of great moments in Music History, this week a forum nerd discovered one of the last remanding mysteries of the Music World. No, not why anybody would voluntarily listen to Art Vs Science, but rather the bass line sample from Mobb Deep's Shook Ones Pt 2, which is actually not a bass line at all, but a piano melody from a 1969 Herbie Hancock recording.

Speaking of Art and Science, here's the group's latest video, directed by our boy SPOD. Lovely visual work matey. Still probably best on mute though.

AND speaking of Sir SPOD, he's currently galavanting around the U.S Of Who Gives A Fuck Aye. He recently joined a bunch of Swaggy White Folks and bum-rushed the Odd Future stage at SXSW. Around the 32-second mark in the lemon tee. Dodgy cunt.

Odd Future,, right? Yeah, they're bigger than Satan right now, already selling out about 30 shows on their upcoming Vivid Live World Tour in May/June. Don't fret too hard if you slept in and missed out on tickets, secret sources say they'll be a few some more released sometime over the next week or so. Watch out.

Actually, you should probably just go and buy tickets to see WU LYF anyway. PS: projecting stuff on people is the New Something.

But if you're itching to get out and see some Awesome Music sometime before June, then why not start TONIGHT. There's shitloads to do around town - including Unity Floors, Woollen Kits and Sleepwalks at Black Wire, Intentions at The Townie or Totally Unicorn and Let Me Down Jungleman, Gently at Red Rattler. Party til ya puke and splash vomit back into your face. Mates.

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