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TGIF: Livin' the life of a billion Kenny Wests

Hello there chaps/champs/babes, how you livin'?

a) Oh, that's unfortunate. Hope that heals up soon.
b) Sounds really interesting mate/s.
c) Ha, yeah, that's awesome. Sounds like you're living good..

BUT are you livin' THE LIFE...

Amazingly, that's not the worst/best thing our innocent little eyes perved-on this week. Cue Bobby Dylan's grandson murdering his G-Pap's legacy one awkward whiter-than-Drake pop synth note at a time...

About as painful as riding the bus with no dough the Odd Future lads. Right, Mr Albino?

Thankfully, things are a lot more positive on this side of the globe at the moment. Our economy is doing damn fine, our lungs are clean thanx to Julie Grill Hard's brilliant Carbon Tax That We Had To Have AND Sydney punks Royal Headache are set to release the best album of 2011/ever.

Tim Scott at The Thousands:

Sorry to any band releasing a record between now and the end of the year. You won't beat this!

On the other side of the equator (Canberra) we have The Fighting League, hell-bent on keeping it tropical no matter what.

Although many bands may claim to be tropical we are the only true tropical Punk in existence although even as we speak young boys and girls are forming tropical bands and experimenting with tropical sex positions as a reaction to the bad taste in their mouths that has been left by simply accepting absolutely everything that has been handed to them by every single non tropical liar in the world. Keeping it tropical is embracing the tropical weather that we have been blessed with in Canberra and not taking for granted the clean streets that have been provided for us. We max fun and max energy to create tropical flavor that all people can enjoy.

Speaking of roofie-laced fruity punch, those two wild boys, Jiggles and Kenny, finally released that over-puffed LP they've been choofing on about for decades. And it's surprisingly good.

But not as good as the new Lil Scrappy mixtape. Download The Merlo Jonez EP over on DatPiff.

This week we also found time to finally finish up our review of Guerre's brilliant Darker My Love EP. Do yourself a favour and cop-that-shit like it's a 52" plasma on Tottenham Court Road.

Speaking of "getting amongst it like a geezer on a Sunday baked dinner", there's plenty to do around town this weekend... including a great photo exhibition at China Heights featuring the work of Zephyr A. Pavey from Total Control (aka Al Total Control and The UV Race) *update: not Al / don't call him Al, whoops!.... (thx H. Morgan for the correction). The opening is tonight from 6pm, with the exhibition running all through the weekend as well (12-5pm).

For those who only like their art when it's being smashed over the head of a Mod, get yourself down to Black Wire tonight to see the *new* Alps band playing with The Nugs and Unity Floors. Starting at 7pm and costing just $10.

If you want a touch more passion (and karaoke) you can't go wrong with the Mr Donny Benet variety hour/album launch show tonight at Good God. With support from Collarbones and Kirin J Callinan.

And then on Saturday there's Halfway Crooks - the number one late night Grind-with-a-Mate hotspot. Back it up on one of your besties while singing along to your favourite Monica and/or Ma$e song. Post your requests here.

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