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Polaroids Of Androids


TGIM: Gold Wangs Tickle Them All

It's always Friday. Somewhere.

Maybe right now it's Friday in LA. Aka La-la-land - home of Arnold's love children. And Hulk Hogan.

And Hodgy Beats. Well, at least for the next 24-hours, as (according to Twitter NewsTM) the Odd Future henchman missed his flight to Australia earlier today and thus won't be playing at Tuesday night's Opera House Vivid Club show/riot. However, at this stage it does look as though Hodge will be making it down in time for the other two Odd Future Vivid performances on Wednesday and Thursday.

Speaking of Swag, remember when "The Brag [got] swagged". Urgh.

And remember when The Bwag edited out my "interview" because of their word restrictions/censorship/right-wing communism views.

For those playing with themselves at home, the IMPORTANT part which was Omitted:

Three songs you'll hear on the night: Hopefully, Dead Farmers play their 2007 smash "Violence", which was voted the 6th best song in Cleo's annual Best Songs To Get Teabagged To list. The Fighting League have just recorded a bunch of new jams about men and pizzas and pizza men. All of those are pure Pizza/Ear Candy. The Nugs might play a cover of Bag Raiders' club hit "Are You The One".

Censorships. Now we all know what Russia feels like that. How's the weather, right? And Andrew Bolt. Can't keep Good Men down forever.

So let's put all this Terribility behind us. Let's party/hang out on Thursday and remind ourselves we live in a Free Land, where Five awesome bands can snuggle up next to each other and play incredible music. And we can all be part of that Music Snuggling for just $5.

Tune into Radiant on FBi at 9pm tonight (Monday) to hear our boy Marf Loth chat about this Great Event, the future of Townsville punk/blues and how he maintains his Winter Glow.

AND for those fortunate/lucky enough to be heading to the Oprah House tomorrow night (Tuesday) for the WU LYF and/or Odd Future show/s, get yourself into The Sony LoungeTM early-ish to see Captain Polaroids (aka Husband Material aka Sponge Rodney Cum Pants) play awkward/awksome songs and pretend to be a DJ. That big/bad boy Levins will also be in the building later on for more enjoyable times.

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