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That time DZ got nominated for an ARIA Award

In the wise words of Bernard "Gotye" Fanning, elder and tribal leader of the traditional owners of ARIAland — "who the fuck are DZ?"

But somebody knows/cares, because the riotous, beer-bonging Queensland duo (probably the best live band to come out of this pathetic nation since Yothu Yindi's super-hardcore trance side-project) have just picked up a nomination for "Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Album" in the 2012 ARIA Awards, where they'll be up against the likes of Buried In Verona, House vs Hurricane, Sleepmakeswaves and bong-packing legends, Frenzal Rhomb. Carn the Deathrays!

View the rest of the nominations over on the ARIA Awards website.

The ceremony will take place on Thursday, November 29. In the meantime, here's some classic/vintage footage of the DZ boys being pissed idiots, holding their camera phone sideways and shooting me a big "congratulations" for getting hitched.

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