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The Annandale Hotel goes into receivership?

Update (Feb 14): "back up and running ".

Update (7:02pm): The Smith Street Band show, scheduled for this Friday, is still going ahead.

Update (4:16pm): Via the hotel's Facebook page...

Just a quick note on what happened today. Matt and Dan meet with the bank today to discuss the position of the hotel. The bank are reviewing that now,

The hotel is not closed and our goal is to work with the bank to ensure that live music will continue through this period.

We will keep you updated ASAP.

Our/your social network feeds were clogged with chitter chatter about this last night, and the sad news was confirmed this morning by Triple J...

Guests attending a private farewell party at the venue last night were told the owners were expected to hand over the keys to the bank this afternoon.

A comment from the hotel's current owners, Matt and Dan Rule, is expected later today.

Art photography by Al Griggs.

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