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Polaroids Of Androids


The complete Sound Summit 2013 schedule in one image

Unlike the Parramatta Eels (which the colour scheme for Sound Summit 2013 was obviously based on) there's nothing but winners here. And as Lord Nate Hindmarsh always said — "it's not until you see everything collated into a single .png file that you truly appreciate it".

Soak your eyeballs on this.

"Wow, look all those names!" said Hindy, before gallantly charging into another brick wall.

Yep, put us down for some 'all of it'. But if you're really pressed for time and in need of some advice, think to yourself "what would Eric Grothe SENIOR do?". The answer is clear — he'd knock back a four litre bag of Coolabah on his way down Victoria Road to catch Sadfaces' set at 2:30pm on the Sunday. Good lookin' Eric.

Update: there'll be tickets available 'on the door' for each of the events. Online ticket sales end tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9am. Get on it.

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