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The Mint Chicks confirm Screens release date, reveal album artwork and tracklisting, kick off NZ tour this week

We have already told you just how very very excited we are for the new Mint Chicks album, Screens, a record which many (read: us) are heralding as the most important record of 2009/ever.

AND now there are even more little bits of info to get all us all hot, wet and also excited...

The current single I Can't Stop Being Foolish (which we posted the other day) is currently raging up the charts (in New Zealand), recently racking up it's THIRD week at the number one spot on the BFM Top Ten chart. Boom!

The group have also finished up artwork...


Also, the release date for the album (previously 'sometime in March') has now been confirmed as March 16. You can pre-order it RIGHT NOW on iTunes AND receive a special BONUS track. Winner! Act quick though, the bonus track offer ends on March 10.

AND (you want more??).. here is the tracklisting...

  1. Red White or Blue
  2. 2010
  3. Hot on Your Heels
  4. Don’t Sell Your Brain Out
  5. I Can’t Stop Being Foolish
  6. What a Way
  7. Screens
  8. Sweet Janine
  9. Telephone
  10. Enemies
  11. Life Will Get Better Some Day

Those lucky enough to reside in the land of New Zealand have a chance to see the band perform some of the NEW songs over the next few weeks. The group will be playing shows alongside Liam 'the Crowded House heir' Finn, Shihad AND legendary Flying Nun-ers The Bats.

Thursday, February 26: UCSA Ballroom, Christchurch
Friday, March 4: Union Hall, Dunedin
Thursday, March 5: San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington
Friday, March 6: AUT Hikuwai Plaza, Auckland
Saturday, March 7: Auckland Zoo, Auckland

Full details of the supports/costs etc for each show available on the band's website.

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