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The Mint Chicks move to the top of the Song Of The Year list | News | Polaroids Of Androids
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The Mint Chicks move to the top of the Song Of The Year list

New Zealand's masters of abstract punk rock, The Mint Chicks, have never really stood in one spot for too long. Their debut record, Fuck The Golden Youth, which featured re-workings of tracks from their early EP's, was a raw and chaotic affair. Their follow-up, Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!, was a lot more polished and overflowing with heavier riffs and more determined rhythms.

And now in 2008 the group - one member lighter and residing in Portland - have once more evolved their sound.

Their latest single, continuing on from the three new songs they offered up a few months back, is a track called What A Way To Start The Day and sounds something like The Beatles' Day In A Life + 40 years + absolute radness.

No word as yet as to when their new album will be out, but according to some hints on theirSpace, it's currently going by the working title - Screens.

If you are lucky enough to be New Zealand over the next couple of weeks you can catch the band as they tour around the country with Shihad.

Thursday, July 17: Union Hall Otago Uni, Dunedin, Otago
Friday, July 18: Town Hall, Christchurch, Canterbury
Saturday, July 19: Town Hall, Auckland, Auckland
Thursday, July 24: Altitude, Hamilton, Waikato
Friday, July 25: Town Hall, Wellington, Wellington
Saturday, July 26: Pettigrew Green Arena, Napier, Hawke's Bay

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Jonny Yes Yes

we got an email today from Ruban of The Mint Chicks...

There is no release date yet but I can say that the name of the album is 'Screens'. We're going to be playing the whole new album in order for the next month or so (including on the upcoming Shihad tour) with no old stuff at all. Most of the new album hasn't been played live outside of Portland so I might leave the tracklisting for later, but the songs 'What a Way to Start the Day', 'Life Will Get Better Some Day', 'I Can't Stop Being Foolish' and '2010' are going to be on there. Some people will know those songs. We also re-arranged an old song called 'Telephone' which we used to play live a lot in the early days but somehow never released.

Excitement... !!! ? Yes.

1 decade ago


fuck! i cant wait for this album. cant wait.

1 decade ago

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