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The Mint Chicks reveal more details about new album, give away free Christmas EP

The Mint Chicks
The Mint Chicks graciously accepting the Greatest Band Of All Time award.

The Mint Chicks have 'let slip' a few more details about their new album Screens.

It was recorded and mixed on six different computer screens, which is not that many when you think about it. Since we're a band from the future that travelled back in time to record I would say that the album is very derivative of bands that don't exist yet. You know what I mean? Since reality is a tragic disappointment and the world is mostly built from people so moronic they'll never figure out why they're such square dicks, I'm happy to say that it's completely out of touch with reality in the most encouraging way I ever could have imagined. I'm thrilled to say that the grumpy, bearded fat guys with black hoodies, karate shoes and sub-atomic penises will not get it. We made this record for creepy teenaged girls with one glass eye.

Ok, that wasn't really all that exciting. We already knew that they have been dabbling with 'future' shit all through 2008. I mean, have you heard the new stuff? It's at least 12 light years ahead of EVERYTHING that is currently happening in music.

More exciting, however, is the news that the band will be giving away a free EP on December 25 via their website. Happy Christmas indeedy!!

Once more, I throw it over to the band to 'break it down'.

On xmas day, we'll put an EP of 8-bit versions Kody and I made of Mint Chicks songs called Mintunes up on here for you to download for free. One day, if we fight the wicked war effectively and deftly, everything will be free.

And if that wasn't exciting enough? How about a NEW video in the works? Boom!

Sam Peacocke, the director who made the videos for 'Walking Off a Cliff Again' and 'Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!' is making a new video for the song 'I Can't Stop Being Foolish' which is from our next album. It's going to have everything you want. I know what your thinking, 'Bullshit! It's not going to have an owl fighting a robot!' but you're wrong. It's got that. Early next year it'll be on TV, youtube, vimeo, Screenster, all that stuff (I made the last one up, did you believe it was a real website for a second?).

Owls vs robots!!

Sorry Bella it looks like your 'Greatest Video Ever' title is going to be short-lived.

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The Mint Chicks


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