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Polaroids Of Androids


The Paper Scissors call it a day

Seven years, a moderately popular song about the inability to successfully operate limbs and countless other unappreciated tragic pop anthems. The Paper Scissors — undoubtedly one of Sydney's finest bands of the past decade — officially announced their retirement yesterday, via their website.

Sometimes it's pretty tiring being in a band. I know to people that haven't ever been in a band that might sound a bit self piteous and indulgent, but it is hard. Playing to no one, having higher expectations for your music than what is met, the fact that it is nearly impossible to make it a career in Australia as a musician (it is a big big country, with not many people and one very fickle national radio station) all these things can grate away at you. And having done this for 7 years as a completely independent band, most of the time releasing our own records and doing everything 'cottage industry' style, we are a bit worn out and ready to do some different things.

A (Sydney) farewell show is currently being planned for sometime towards the end of the year.

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The Paper Scissors


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9 years ago

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