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The Straight Arrows are releasing their 7-inch single this weekend

It's hard to believe but it's been almost a whole month since we last mentioned The Straight Arrows. Well, they went down to Melbourne to play a few shows and pressed their debut release, a 7-inch single of Can't Count / Something Happens. The record will be put out via a newly established Sydney label Juvenile Records, which is committed to only puting out 7-inch records and was founded, in part, by Straight Arrows frontman, Owen.

If your in Sydney towne tonight then you can head over to Hit The Switch above Newtown Hotel for the launch of single. I went to an (almost) identical show last month (because it's a monthly thing) and it was awesome. They have created a nice, relaxed, house-party-like vibe without any pretentiousness or wanker-ness. So rare these days in this city.

If you've already got plans tonight, that is, you really want to see The Basics at Candy's for some reason then don't fret as you can catch The Straight Arrows again tomorrow at 3pm playing an in-store at Paint It Black on Enmore Road. If you have ever been to the shop you know it's about the size of a burley party animal and, word has it, the band will take up the entire store, with the onlookers taking over the footpath. Should be THE radness.

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