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Polaroids Of Androids


Things that happened on the weekend

The police busted up the My Disco show at 303 on Friday night and thus it would seem as though another DIY live music venue is going to be crushed, much like The Pitz was a few months back. From all reports the show was brilliant just the aftermath was shit.

To sprinkle some shit on top of already loaded turd sundae - the band got their van broken into! Jeeze, I wonder why people hate Sydney so much.

It seems as though The Paper Scissors show at Spectrum was a lot lot less violent and a lot more loaded with crowd-loving fun. Sure, they are party rockers BUT we are still less than convinced in regards to their debut record.

Because 186 festivals isn't enough - Coachella is coming to Australia. Fucking whoo.

BUT definitely the highlight of the weekend was the fact we released Podcast Episode 39 which is full to the brim of lovely songs that we have been listening to over the past few weeks. Bliss-ness.

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