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Polaroids Of Androids


Things that happened while we were off living large in Japan and/or Berlin


Those that (intensely) follow us on Twitter would be fully aware that the reason for the lack of action around this place over the past week-or-so wasn't because we were being incredibly lazy, but rather because both members of the (stud-like) 'editorial team' were off taking their annual 'March Madness' spring break holiday in the city of Japan and their beloved homeland of Berlinia (simultaneously).

But just because we were away bending time/space, coppin' blowies, dodging tax bills and sending postcards to our ex-wives for 10 days doesn't mean that the NETS stopped pumping. In fact, lot's of shit went down in our absence.

Here is a quick little recap of what we missed:

The Strokes tour was confirmed
a) Fucking told youse!
b) Hordern Pavilion, Sydney on Thursday, July 29 and Festival Hall, Melbourne on Friday, July 30. It's now pretty much guaranteed that they'll be at Splendour the weekend after that as well.
c) Tickets go on sale next Monday (April 12) at 9am. They'll set you back just a little under 100 coconuts (!!!!!).
d) Pre-sales are happening later in the week for those with members options and/or friends in High Places.

Lil Wayne launched his 'prison website'
a) Weezy Thanx You
b) A jailhouse mixtape is more than likely in the works.

Fucked Up got sued by an energy drink company
a) Best. April Fools. Gag. EVER?
b) Hardcore cunts can be funny cunts.

Crab Smasher released a new mini-album
a) The Doctor Is In... Over His Head = album title of the year?
b) Seriously, Crab Smasher are probably the best (experimental) band in Australia. It's seriously lame that we don't wank/talk about them more. Seriously.
c) Download/buy it NOW via Band Camp.

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Jonny Yes Yes

the good shipment of weed came in while we were gone (obvs)
you cunts are rad

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