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This (long) weekend in Sydney: Boomgates, Totally Unicorn, Peabody, Success Summit

ZOND. Photo by René Schaefer.

Traditionally long weekends play out one of two ways - you either get too excited and blow your load/brain-cells on the Friday, thus ruining the bliss of Drinking On A Sunday Evening OR; you play it safe/smart, take it easy on the Friday, and then roll into the big Saturday/Sunday double feature like a Gangsta on pay day.

We (obvs) are full supporters of the latter and that's why you're only getting this important information today. That said, we did hint that Double Dragon II was our pick of Friday things to do. How was it ya'll?

Today (Saturday)

FREE in-store Repressed Records featuring Melbourne super-group Boomgates and Dead Farmers. Kicks off about 3pm, which is about the same time those Silly Southerners will be playing their second grand final.

From there you might as well set-up shop in the Town Hall Hotel (next door) and wait for Totally Unicorn to (totally) rip you apart. 100% FREE! All day drinkin'!!!

Tomorrow (Sunday)

ANOTHER free in-store at 1pm, this time over at Red Eye Records in town, where local troopers/legends Peabody are launching their awesome new album Loose Manifesto. The proper venue national tour kicks off at the end of the month. Check their MySpace for all the details.

THEN there's a small break, another football game, a million beers AND then.. the R.I.P Society Success Summit.

Playing times:

19:15 - Carborator*
19.50 - Whores
20.25 - Blank Realm*
21.05 - Woollen Kits
21.40 - Royal Headache*
22.20 - Boomgates
22.55 - Zond*

* = Main stage. All others are on the small stage.

To get you pumped/amped/ramped Nic from R.I.P has put together a lovely little mix for the Two Thousand-ers.

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Worth braving the Inner West for Sunday night, I reckon. I laugh in the face of Oporto violence.

1 decade ago


chairs will fly

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes


1 decade ago


Concerts are the best.

1 decade ago

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