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This weekend in Sydney: Die! Die! Die!, Kelly Clarkson and some other stuff


Anyone else planning on tackling the Die! Die! Die! and Kelly Clarkson double-up?


Oh.. it's nice you stuck around. Faith. Evans. Thanks!

Things to do this weekend (keeping in mind that 8/9 of all 'party cunts' agree that the weekend always starts on Thursday):


In order of importance:

  1. Die! Die! Die! at the Annandale Hotel.
  2. Stay at home and watch Law and Order.
  3. Stay at home and have a lazy Thursday wank.
  4. Stay at home and have a violent/power Thursday wank.
  5. Stay at home and watch those informercials you 'Tivo-ed'.
  6. The Silly Jays at Oxford Art Factory. Those silly cunts! Guaranteed 200% more goofiness. And pre-recorded banter. Tickets still available.


Laura Imbruglia is launching her new album at the Annandale Hotel (with full band!!!), Hira Hira/Little A split 7" launch at World Bar, The Silly Jays Part 2 (sold out) and some dope experimental radness with Scissor Lock, Broken Chip, Domeyko/Gonzalez, Justice Yeldham and others at Hardware Gallery (Enmore Rd).


Kitchen's Floor and Bed Wettin' Bad Boys double team the Friend In Hand at Glebe (relocated from Goodgod) in celebration of their new 7" releases, which are both out NOW via R.I.P Society. Cop that shit/s.

... and.. yeah... CLARKSON!!!!

Anything else happening around town worth nothing? Feel free to drop hints, actual details or hyperlinks to homemade flyers in the comments below.

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vasco era on sat?

1 decade ago


As an aside, is Clarko's new album any good Jonny?

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

it's good
no "breakaway" though

1 decade ago

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