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This weekend in Sydney: DZ, The Loft, Seekae in Siberia

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Wowwweee.. the weekend is just about to drop like a rookie gang of Drop Zone re-enacting legends. Seems like only yesterday it was Monday morning and you were crawling out of a day bar/k-hole, doesn't it? Well, guess what lads, honeyz, wildcats? It's time to get 'crunky' all over again.


Speaking of double dumping harder than an 18-year-old at Parklife, Seekae are doing 'the club thing' tonight at Siberian Nights (Good God Small Club, 55 Liverpool St) with a whole bunch of DJs hanging on as supports. Pinging.

For peeps who like shit a little less 'dingy' and little bit more 'cheapy' - be sure to check out Mercy Arms Part 2 (aka Canvas Kites) at da OAF Gallery Bar from about 7pm.

Our pick of the night, however, is the FREE show at The Loft featuring two fine local bands - Halal, How Are You and The Go Roll Your Bones. That also kicks off about 7ish.


As the gig guide illustrates tomorrow night there is only one thing happening - DZ. The Brisbane duo will be bringing the ruckus in the OAF Gallery Bar with 'mystery' band Dazzling Metallic Stallions and Shakin Howls in support.


Nothing? Anybody got anything going on? Besides the possibility of taking my 12-year 'brother' to the Tame Impala all ages show Sunday is looking more open than Bill Henson's upcoming shoot schedule. Pics?

Feel free to throw any Sunday suggestions (or anything else fun that is happening this weekend) into the comment fields below.

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