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This weekend in Sydney: Exquisite Corpse, The Love Explosion, J Dilla tribute, Hopetoun Valentines Day show and more

Normally when February rolls into town (drunk and smelling a little bit like it has been fooling around with March) the whole world breathes a giant sigh of relief. It (normally) signifies that the crazy festive season is OFFICIALLY over.

Not this year.

It seems as though January was sprawled into February - with a whole bucketload of great shows happening around town again this weekend.

TONIGHT (Friday)

Our pick of the night is the epic Exquisite Corpse show happening at Oxford Art Factory. Some of Sydney's finest bands/artists - Atrocities, Circle Pit, The Disbelievers, The Nevada Strange, Bain Wolfkind, Diamondback Rattler, Kirin J. Callinan, Damnbuilders, Whores and Swamp Woman - join forces for a solid 7 hours of music. And best of all it's 100% FREE!!! Surely, the last good deal in this town. Make sure you get in early for Whores as well. Did we mention that we think they are incredible?

Playing times:

20:30 - Swamp Woman
21:15 - Whores
22:00 - Damnbuilders
22:45 - Kirin J Callinan
23:30 - Diamondback Rattlers
00:15 - Bain Wolfkind
01:00 - The Nevada Strange
01:45 - Circle Pit
02:30 - The Disbelievers
03:15 - Atrocities

Mean looking flyer...

Also, one of our favourite local acts The Love Explosion will be playing their FIRST EVER SHOW tonight alongside Too Many Forcefields and Wartime Sweethearts at the Bald Faced Stag at Leichhardt.

But, wait, there is MORE...

There is a J Dilla Tribute show happening at Ruby Rabbit, crazy Yank (cannonball) Bob Log III is playing at the Annandale Hotel, local 'super group' Fashion Launches Rocket Launches are on at La Campana AND Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour, Nunchukka Superfly, Athol and Hee Haw will be doing the 'all ages warehouse thang' at Dirty Shirlows.

Holy wowsters! Something for everyone!


Our pick is the uber special annual Valentines Day Appreciation/Depreciation Show happening at the Hopetoun, featuring performances by Jack Ladder, Tavis Maher (Flying Foxes), Seekae, Richard In Your Mind, Tim Maybury, Kaity Fox, Lauren Horton & Fergus Brown and Ivan Vizintin (Ghoul).

For peeps who like their shit a bit heavier, be sure to check out Swedish post-metal rockers Cult Of Luna at Manning Bar, alongside one of our faves Dead China Doll. Tickets will set you back about $49.50 (+ bf).

There is also a special Bushfire Appeal show happening at the Annandale Hotel, which will feature performances from The Annandale All Stars - Cec Condon (The Mess Hall), Jake & Jerry (Bluejuice) and Lyndsay 'the doctor' McDougall from Triple J and Frenzal Rhomb. Doors open at about midday, with Purple Sneakers DJs kicking off the party times at about 1pm. Throughout the afternoon there will raffles and bucket collections going on, to help raise money for those in Victoria who were affected by the recent bushfires.


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Jonny Yes Yes

yeh.. so anyone going to exquisite corpse tonight?

1 decade ago


not i. i need a weekend in.

1 decade ago


I want to go to EC but that timetable is making me question those intentions. I feel like I'd need a good run of alcohol to last that long. And seriously - what state are Atrocities going to be in by 3am?

1 decade ago


I wasn't gonna go, I went to a house party... but we somehow ended up at OAF anyway. it was pretty shithouse? I have no idea who the band were, maybe the nevada strange, but we didn't get into it at all. didn't know what band was next so didn't stay long... if I'd known it was circle pit I might have. but then I swear they hadn't started at 1.45 cause we tried to get into vegas a bit after 2 and got denied. HAHA. lockout pshh.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

many people there bella?

i fell into a ditch somewhere between surry hills and newtown
and woke up 20 mins ago
so i missed it [sad emoticon]

1 decade ago


a fair few people but definitely not as horribly packed as it usually is. weird vibe though, we didn't stay long.

happens to the best of us jonny. I stumbled out of bed at 1.30 and my sister was making epic brunch- eggs, beans, sausages, fried tomato, hash browns, fresh coffee. I love her a lot sometimes.

1 decade ago

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