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This weekend in Sydney: Ghosts Of Television, Tomorrow's People, 3D party, Songs, Crack Cartel and lot's more

We aren't over-stating the FACT that there are literally hundreds of billions different things happening around town this weekend.


The World Bar show featuring Ghosts Of Television, Pets With Pets, Slight of Build and Last Dinosaurs is definately our 'pick' of 'da night'. Ghosts of TV have new songs to show off, with their debut LP literally a matter of minutes/days/months away from becoming a glowing FORCE on the local Sydney music 'scene'. I mean, it will surely be great. I caught Pets With Pets at a warehouse show a while back and they were great. Not too familar with the others on the bill but for $10 ($5 if you get on The Cheap List) this is pretty much the best thing you can do TONIGHT.

Also, Melbourne's Children Collide are playing at the Annandale, supported by soon-to-be-massive Marrickville kids Regular John. It's 100% sold out so you will need to 'get yer sneak on' if you are planning to catch the show. If you do have tickets make sure you get in earlier and catch Border Thieves who are on first. Solid band. Nice people. All love.

Across town you can catch Firekites come out of hibernation to put on a headline show at Oxford Art Factory. They will be supported by Kid Sam and The Maple Trail.


It's been a while since we have had FOUR 'recommended' events on a single night BUT that is exactly what is going on this Saturday with more entertainment options than you can point a stick and/or small child at.

The Annandale Hotel will be playing host to the Tomorrow's People mini-festival. With some great local acts on show.

Playing times:

18:30 - The Prayer Circle
19:05 - Zeahorse
19:40 - Border Thieves
20:15 - Inspector Cluzo
21:00 - Army Ant
21:40 - Warhorse
22:45 - Giants Of Science

All that for just $10 on the door. Fairly reasonable. GFC?

There is a also the FTW Fundraiser at Serial Space, featuring performances from Catcall, Circle Pit, Kirin J Callinan (Mercy Arms) and Dominic Talarico. Diversity? Kicks off at 5pm and ends about 10ish, leaving plenty of time to get rucksy afterwards. All ages too, so your 17 year-old bro who just got his P's can give you a lift. Win.

What's better than 2D? Um... Three Fucking D! And yess... the wondrous 'science' of wearing four and red glasses and seeing rad stuff will be celebrated at a special 3D party at Hiberian House on Saturday. To go along with the 3D videos that will displayed on the walls there will also be performances from Yes Nukes, Simo Soo, The Laurels and War Boys. First 50 people get a FREE shot of blue and red liquer and 3D glasses. $10. 9pm.

Also... (tired yet?) ... Songs at Spectrum with Ian Wadley (ex Bird Blobs), Jeffrey Wegener (Laughing Clowns) and The Silver Moon Uprising, Animal House at Kings Cross Hotel (total DJ action!!) and for those that like a bit of hip-hop 'flava' there is the KillaQueenz album launch at Oxford Art Factory with a whole gang of decent local support acts. Whoasters.


Still alive by this point? Well, your best option is to head down to the Annandale to see 'mystery' band Crack Cartel do their thing. Tickets are $20 (but worth it of you know who they are!!) and the show kicks off at about 5pm.

Anything we missed? Drop some science (and some information) in the comments.

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there's a gig tonight at the loft bar, UTS. papa vs pretty I think, but more importantly it is $3 for beer. hello!

by the way, have I mentioned how much I love your "this weekend in sydney" posts? cause I do, they RULE!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

yes.. i had a feeling they ruled n shit..

also .. forgot to add in about the best summer ever (beta version) on saturday.. where is that flyer? davis?

1 decade ago


that flyer won the internet. sorry jonny. you'll win it back soon.

1 decade ago


this post is informative and awesome.

1 decade ago

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