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This Weekend in Sydney: Rice Is Nice Party, Secrets and Secret Signings revealed at the Rice Is Nice Party! And more.

SPOD. Sex Demon.

It seems like forever since we've done a "things to do if you live in Sydney" blug post. What have you been up to during the winter months? Without our little boney fingers pointing at some lovely Social Engagements, you've probably been hulled up in your wooden cabin, writing acoustic hits, drinking whiskey and eating out racoons. Basically just Bon Ivering yourself into boredom/oblivion/platinum sales.

But if there was ever a reason to dust off this retired portion of our webspace, it's this weekend.

First and foremost, the Rice Is Nice Party is happening this Sunday at the Brick-a-dale. Every single bloody artist signed to the label will be performing, as well as a mysterious new signing. Oh yes, we know who it is (because we're global online investigative reporters). And yes, you will shoot some babies into your jeans when you hear who they are and hear what they can do with musical instruments.

Playing times!

3:00pm - doors open
4:00pm - Shady Lane
4:50pm - Seja
6:00pm - Richard In Your Mind
6:50pm - Spod
8:50pm - Donny Benet
9:50pm - The Laurels
10:50pm - Straight Arrows
11:45pm - kebab*

* Recommended: Brothers Kebabs in Annandale, only about 300 metres due west from the venue.

And here's a hype reel...

There's also some talk of Cheap Drinks during SPOD's set (where he'll be debuting some of his new songs) as well as a more obscure "shirts off for free drinks" deal during the Straight Arrows' set (*unconfirmed).

Pre-sale tickets are just $10 via the Rice Is Nice webstore and/or $13 on the door.

Speaking of top-notch secrets, the artist known as Secrets is playing a rare-ish show tonight at the AV Union on Parramatta Road. Same advice is relevant regarding post-match kebabs.

Sandwiched in-between these two events we have old mate Jonny Boulet, launching his new album We Keep The Beat, Found The Sound, See The Need, Start The Heart at the Metro Theatre on Saturday night, with assistance from Wolf & Cub and Joseph Liddy & The Skeleton Horse. Tickets via the Metro website.

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