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This Weekend in Sydney: the greatest weekend to ever weekend

It's been far too long since we've told you where to go and what to do with the two (2) days of refuge that the Current Government allocate each of us for Social Activities per week. It's bloody winter though. So, like you, we're busy hibernating, watching Dynasty re-runs and cuddling our loved ones.

To get us out into the cold (sub-12 degrees celsius), to leave our perfectly ass-grooved couches and pull our thermals out of storage, it takes something fairly special. This weekend hosts two such events.

Friday features Everyone's favourite band, Royal Headache, playing a too-rare show at the Imperial Hotel.

Yep, the world famous Imperial...

... and it's *newly* renovated "band room", which plenty of folks have described as "awesome" and "adequate". RH will be joined by Straight Arrows, Daylight Robbery (USA), Model Citizen and the best one-man band this side of the Murray, The Warm Feelings. Unfortunately (for you, if you didn't buy tickets), it's sold out. This information is provided solely in the hope that you learn a Hard Life Lesson regarding being too cool to pre-purchase tickets to a pub show. Tuff love.

Speaking of getting tickets, it's highly advised you do just that for Saturday's At First Sight festival, as hints have been dropped that the all-day extravaganza is right on the verge of selling out.

A completely understandable predicament when you look at all these bloody names...

Midday - doors
12:30 - Day Ravies
13:20 - Shining Bird
14:10 - Holy Balm
15:00 - Client Liaison
15:50 - Straight Arrows
16:40 - Songs
17:30 - Super Wild Horses
18:20 - Beaches
19:20 - The Laurels
20:10 - Twerps
21:20 - HTRK

In-between (and all over) these appearances there'll be disc jocking from big names such as Jimmy Sing, Smokey La Beef, Nick Warnock, Dusty Fingers and others. Tickets are just $35 (approx $3.20 per band, a rare bargain in this post-Costello economy) and available from the Carriageworks website.


1: Get there early to see Shining Bird.

2: Wear comfortable shoes. You'll be standing on bloody concrete all day.

3: Make Saturday one of your "court appointed days to have the kids". It's all ages! Don't let that messy custody battle get you down. Tick off another day of quality time with your offspring and instead of watching a Bob The Builder marathon, permanently damage your children's ears with The Laurels. Goodbye joint custody!

4: Eat before you go. There won't be heaps of food options and you're still a bloody vegan. Call a food truck or something if you're one of Those People with Those Connections.

5: The (unofficial) after-party is at Rav's Frat House. PM someone for details. BYO (including your STD-prevention methods, the place is LITERALLY crawling with 'em).

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Just hit up the Big Steves for an invite if you see them.

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