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Tonight in Sydney: Circle Jerk Episode 7

Wowsters, this one snuck up on me like Lucky Suarez crawling under an "offside trap" and destroying the hopes and dreams of the 14 million illegitimate Wayne Rooney offspringers currently honing their skillsets across the housing estates of Our Britain. I guess that kinda explains the lack of words and corresponding media around these parts over the past little bit, but with every followable team unlikely to feature in the second half of the World Cup competition, expect the usual torrent of dribble about future torrents and other filesharing legalities to recommence (until President Turnbull turns the Internet off).

Speaking of dribbling one into the back of the net, tonight's line-up of the seventh instalment of Circle Jerk is "mouth-frothingly good".

Here's a Facebook Event with facts.

And here's some rough playing times.

20:00 - doors
20:15 - Burlap
21:00 - Horse MacGyver
21:30 - Chris Martin (Coldplay) (solo/D'N'B/acoustic)
21:45 - Spermaids
22:30 - Tanned Christ
23:15 - Mere Women
02:00 - Italy vs Costa Rica
05:00 - Switzerland vs France
08:00 - Honduras vs Ecuador

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Mere Women
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