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Polaroids Of Androids


Tonight In Sydney: Polaroids Of Xmasroids

Update (17/12): Thanks to everyone that came out on Thursday. And a huge thanks to all the bands who not only sounded amazing but were all real top humans as well. We love you all.

YES kiddlewinks, kid fiddlers and polite ladies, TONIGHT *live* in Your Sydney that never ever naps...

8.00pm - Doors Open.
8.10pm - Sean Lockhart (Marcus Sex Sex from Collarbones)
9.00pm - Unity Floors
9.50pm - Ernest Ellis & The Panamas
11.30pm - The Fighting League

Location: Oxford Art Factory (the lil' Gallery Bar on the side). Here's a map for those out-of-towners, part-timers and map fiends.

Some other important noteworthy things worth noting...

  • iPods! They'll be played between bands and they'll be loaded with some of the finest John Farnham songs of the John Farnham Golden Era (1965 - present), as well as some Action Bronson classics and some really really fucking brutal Independent Music.
  • SANTA (might be there!)
  • No kids!
  • Seriously, leave your fucking kids at home mate/s
  • It's FREE entry! ALL bloody night!
  • Capacity is fairly limited - maybe 150, maybe 200-ish if we get heaps of skinny model types.
  • No guarantee there'll be any models there.
  • On tap!
  • Five dollar Vodkas!
  • In this bloody Economy!
  • How do you feel about "Dazzling Dunks" and "NBA Bloopers" and "Classic TV Intros" and "YouTube rips"?
  • It's the official Fighting League (Sydney) album launch. They might also have copies of the farking brilliant album for sale.
  • The other bands also (might) have stuff for sale. Maybe also including Unity Floors' brilliant new 7"

See ya there!

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Sean Lockhart
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The Fighting League


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if you're coming to this gig tonight, and you get hungry and you don't want to eat shitty food, come over the road to The Falconer, we'll be nice and friendly and you can tell us how good all the bands are and make us jealous. x


ps. you're site is some funny shit!

1 decade ago

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