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Polaroids Of Androids


Two awesome things to see and do in Sydney tonight

If there was a physical/Scientific way to split myself in two tonight then I would be first in line at the laser machine with a quarter in my hand.


In case you missed any of the guff guff this week, we think the Intentions EP launch will be fucking great, because 1)Intentions are playing; ii) Hira Hira and Mere Women are supporting and; c) the sound in the *NEW* upstairs area at the Sandringham Hotel is pretty great.


...some macho kids like their music with less Teen Angst (not a diss) and heaps more Psychedelic Weed/Jazz (likewise). For those cats we have mystery enveloper OPTION 2, which is the super-special Machete Moon show at Good God, featuring one of the sexiest musical orgies ever be hosted in the National Cultural Capital (Liverpool St).

The all-star band line-up of Machete Moon tonight:

  • Cec Condon (The Mess Hall)
  • Myles Heskett (Ex Wolfmother)
  • Millie Hall (Bridezilla) on saxophone
  • Chris Ross (Ex Wolfmother) on keys
  • Bree Van Reyk (Holly Throsby) on percussion
  • SPOD on synths and sounds

Choose your destiny loved one and go for gold/bronze. Silver is the first loser.

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Machete Moon last night was fucking incredible. SPACE JAMS.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

intentions were probably better/

1 decade ago



1 decade ago


intentions killed it last night, new songs are incredible. made me feel all good inside.

1 decade ago

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