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Update: Zeal in Sydney, winter, The People

Remember last week? It was winter. It was colder than a nun's vagina and it was more boring than an Arcade Fire music video featuring footage from the butt-fuck surburban shithole you grew up in.

Also, sometime last week, we threw open our arms to the Sydney Music CommunityTM and asked for some help with organising a show for our boy Zeal when he travels up here from Melbourne in September.

AND BEST OF ALL - the people hugged back!

Democracy! Action! Bob Katter!

So, firstly, a big thanks to all The PeopleTM who came forward with helpful suggestions and ideas for venues, contacts etc. We have now successfully locked in an extra show for Zeal, alongside Dead China Doll and Alps at The Loft on the Friday, September 17. A creamy dreamy line-up indeed.

An extra special super-sized thanks also has to go to Jordy Lane for really sorting this whole thing out for us and making our Plea To The PeopleTM look like a successful operation.

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a jordy lane
everybody wants one
a jordy lane
everybody needs one

1 decade ago


who doesn't need one?

this is totally gig-tastic.. totally there

1 decade ago

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