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Violent Soho named as support for Black Francis sideshows

Black Francis
Frank's hip-hop promo shot.

Black Francis (aka Frank Black aka The Bald Guy From The Pixies aka MC Franky Blackz) has announced the dates of the sideshows for when he is country in October as part of The Great Escape Festival.

Sunday, September 28: Metropolis, Fremantle
Monday, September 29: HQ Complex, Adelaide
Wednesday, October 1: Arena, Brisbane
Thursday, October 2: Forum Theatre, Melbourne

As that headline alludes to - Violent Soho will be the support band at all shows.


Frank will also be accompanying by his full band on this tour. It's like seeing Pixies just without the 'moody chick'. It will be great fun to yell out 'play Debaser' every three or four minutes.

Tickets went on sale THIS MORNING! Act FAST! You are competing with Pixies fans. Everyone knows they are fucking nuts.

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