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Polaroids Of Androids


We are spoilt

Sometimes I don't like you Sydney. But not today, or more accurately - tonight, I love you because you are serving up a smorgasboard of awesome musical shows all around the place...

Actor/Model launch their new EP tonight at World Bar with a little help from We Stole The Organ and Sailmaker.

The Stabs are playing at the Lansdowne and it's FREE and supported by Talons and Holy Soul...

Indie comedic-rockers Bluejuice are having their single launch tonight at Candy's Apartment. They will be supported by one of our faves - Hand Me My Jetpack.

Tucker B's are currently recording a new album, Nightmares (In the Key of Wow) (best album name ever?), in their hometown of Perth. They will be showing off some of their new songs at the Hopetoun Hotel tonight. Should be a healthy dose of crazy fun.

All very tempting.. BUT .. this is definately our pick for the night..

Playing times..

BATRIDER on stage 11PM
+ Say Cheese and Die! 10-10:40pm
+ Surf City 9:40-10pm (in RJs)
+ Straight Arrows 9-9:40pm
+ Surf City 8:40-9pm (in RJs)
+ Dead Farmers 8-8:40pm

Very effing excited.

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Hand Me My Jetpack
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Say Cheese And Die!
The Stabs
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