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Polaroids Of Androids


Wolf & Cub drop some more science about new album

The other day we exploded an 'info bomb' on your face regarding Wolf & Cub's upcoming new record Science & Sorcery. Well, the last little detail regarding the album is now here, the (predictably) cosmic cover art...

Science & Sorcery

Hmmm... look a little bit familiar?


Science & Sorcery will be released by Dot Dash on April 18.

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Wolf & Cub


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wow! they both have triangles on the cover, great detective work Jonny. sounds like you are writing about a problem you have with the band rather than the artwork itself keep up the great work....... dick.

1 decade ago


Wait a minute ... they both have Wolf in the name?

1 decade ago


I swear I saw a pic and both cunts have curly hair and shit yeah?

and guitars??!?!

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

1 decade ago


they both have a drummer too. this is VERY suspect.

hey natasha:

1 decade ago

el zilcholas

1 decade ago


Grumpy pants!
Its not like they're Zeppelin!

1 decade ago


Solid thread.

1 decade ago


1 decade ago


This is a really good album.

1 decade ago


i'm looking for some interesting elk-influenced forestcore albums, got any recommendations?

1 decade ago


Gotta say that's one of the better anonymous comments so far.

1 decade ago


Hands up if you think Natasha either:

a) Designed the cover
b) Is a family member
c) Dating a band member
d) All of the above

The person who guesses correctly gets taken directly to the now world famous "Big Day Out" blog and has 5 free posts where they can either:

- Wax lyrically about the awesomeness of either Muse or Karnivool
- Talk about the merits of Creamy Mushroom Soup
- Drop old school bombs to break the tension created by differing opinions within the blog

1 decade ago

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