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Wolf & Cub go techno

Wolf and Cub working out the groove

Because we are narrow-minded wankstas we call all electronic music 'techno'. In two double-oh eight about 94.5% of all music being ejaculated out to the masses is either techno, minimal techno, future techno, rock-tech-no, indie techno or rock-n-roll-cock-out techno.

We aren't sure what category RADelaide's Wolf & Cub fall into - but on the back of the news they will be using Bumblebeez frontman Christopher Colonna as the producer for their upcoming second album - they have now obviously transformed into an electronic powerhouse.

The album, which at this stage is still without a title or a fixed release date, will feature the Colonna-produced first single, One To The Other which apparently is...

a raw, high-energy rock track that mixes up early 90s psychedelic guitar band sounds with the powerful grooves Wolf & Cub lock in to

Eh. We actually don't think it's as lame as that standard over-the-top press release speak let's on.


The single, which will also feature a Bumblebeez remix of the track, a drum-n-bass song called Relief and a 'pysche' number called Master, is officially out in July with the album to follow later in the year.

In celebration of the band's transformation into glowstick waving, pill-popping, disco machines, they will heading out on a short national tour with the much-loved indie rockers - The Holidays.

Thursday June 26: Annandale Hotel, Sydney
Friday: June 27: Valley Studios, Brisbane
Friday, July 4: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Saturday, July 5: Ed Castle, Adelaide

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