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Wolf & Cub reveal new album details

Wolf and Cub

Wolf & Cub have revealed that their loooong awaited second album will be entitled Science & Sorcery and released via Dot Dash on April 18.

As previously reported production on the LP has been handled by Bumblebeez frontman Christopher Colonna. However, those hoping for a more electro feel this time around are set to be disappointed, with frontman Joel Byrne (in a recent M+N news piece) playing down suggestions that the group had departed from their trademark (hmm.. kinda dull) large psych-rock style. Damn.


  1. Seven Sevens
  2. What Are They Running
  3. One To The Other
  4. Master
  5. Spider's Web
  6. Restless Sons
  7. Hearts
  8. The Loosest of Gooses (Go On Your Own)
  9. Blood
  10. Burden

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