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WOW sign record deal, score free jeans

Sydney electro-popspastic duo, WOW, have reportedly inked a deal with Levity Records. The label, Levis' little dabble into the world of music, is home to the likes of Cut Off Your Hands and The Mercy Arms.

No word as yet as to when the label will release material from the group (we are assuming that we will only get an EP) but any new stuff from the group will be welcomed with open arms and a firm handshake.

Also, there is a bit of talk around the place that the group's recent 'antics' at Hollywood Hotel that resulted in them being booted off stage, was all set up.

Hmmm. We are hoping this isn't true, and hope even more that it's not the kind of publicity stunts their new label is going to attempt to get this band recognition. WOW's music is good enough, it doesn't need these kind of cheap gimmick tactics to sucker people into liking it.

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"...will be welcomed with open arms and a firm handshake"

Very apt, considering their roster.

1 decade ago

Jonny Yes Yes

They now have new two new songs up on their MySpaz that will apparently be on the new EP, My Holiday In Space, which is due out in August..

The first track, Icy Cold, sounds a litle too Preset-sy... urgh..
the second track, Future Ghost, is much better and very similar to the stuff on their Common Species 7"...

1 decade ago


I like. Definitely my kind of music. Looking forward to hearing the EP.

1 decade ago

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