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Polaroids Of Androids


Xmasroids 2013: Full Line-up Announced! Pre-Sales Now Available! Exclamation Marks!

It was recently brought to my attention that we didn't ever formally 'announce' Shambles Presents: A Polaroids Of Xmasroids Circle Jerk 2013, a "collab" (collaboration) effort between ourselves, Maximum "Max" Shambles and Chris "Circle" Jerk. Sure, I mailed a PR.pdf in the general direction of Leigh Sales and The 7:30 Report team, invited my 12 Facebook mates to click a 'maybe' button on an Event Page and hired one billion monkeys to type up one billion emails to one billion music blogs. But, didn't ever bother to login to the database and warms this little webspace and type in the words you are currently not reading right now.


It's a time for giving. So we're giving you an orgasm. Via a list of amazing names. Most of which correlate to musical entities.

The full Jerk-Shamble-Roids Xmas line-up for 2013:

  • Peabody
  • SPOD and The Naughty Rappers Collective
  • Palms
  • Infinite Void
  • Bare Grillz
  • Making
  • Sadfaces
  • Weak Boys
  • Milkk
  • Power Moves

The When: Saturday, December 21. From 2pm to Quarter Past "Get off the bowling green ya drunks".

The Where: Petersham Bowling Club, 77 Brighton St, Petersham, Australia

The How Much: Pre-sales are available right now for $15 (+ bf). Tickets on the door (we're hoping there's none left by then) will be Considerably More Expensive.

More things/details/things over on This Facebook Event.

And huge thanks to megastar Maddy Briggs for the Art.

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