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Polaroids Of Androids

PoA Live

#11: Harmony (Part 1)

No words. Or not many at least. Save those crippled descriptors and uncomfortably hyperbolic adjectives for when we attempt to wrap sentences around the complete picture/album. They're only fragile formed sentences at this point, all underdone and unrequired. Fitting, in some regard I guess. As there's not much left in reserve here. All bare and raw and scraped from the bone. All dying breaths and celebratory ensembles.

Diminishing Returns is the lead single from Carpetbombing, the group's new full length, out now via Poison City. The setting for this one is that flight path fantasy land we call Marrickville, filmed before the commencement of a house party we hosted in late November. Big thanks to the hosts — Rav, Big Steve #1, Sullivan's Cove and Dan/Ben — for their hospitality, Jules and Jo for their organisation help, Harvey for his brilliant audio work (as per usual) and Tsingtao for all that beer.

Carpetbombing is available digitally via Bandcamp and physically via the Poison City E-Store.


Presented by
Polaroids of Androids

Filmed at
Rav's House, Sydney

Edited by
Justina Grubski

Audio Recorded and Mixed by
Harvey O'Sullivan

Directed by
Whaley Bigjesus

Filed Under
PoA Live


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