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Polaroids Of Androids

PoA Live

#2: Guerre (Part 1)

Don't want to shoot off too early, but Guerre is a top contender for our intermittently awarded Person Of The Year accolade. Not for his mountains of APRA-dollars, ARIAs or accolades, but rather for the sole fact that I struggle to think of anyone else (locally or abroad) that has demanded the focus of the Twenty Eleven Music Consuming Public quite as much as Mr Gary Get-Busey.

Ever since we gently twisted his arm and asked him to play our inaugural Polaroids Of Goodroids event, we've watched on like proud fathers spawning children that look nothing like ourselves, as Gooree has gone from strength to strength. Not only musically refining his skills, but also successfully winning over everyone. And I mean everyone — Electro Bunnies, Experimental Dark Horses, Hard Punks and Industry Cunts have all lined up and shook G-love's hand at some stage. Either physically, metaphorically or imaginary.

While his recorded material has always been an enthralling adventure "through whirlwinds of lo-fidelity childhood memories and blissful summer days at abortion clinics" [source unknown], the true yard stick of his leaps-n-bounds achievements is the way his live show has become an equally important vessel. The two now strut side-by-side, each adding a little more to the enjoyment of the other, but both required to communicate the complete picture.

We were extremely pleased when Guerre agreed to be part of our newly founded PoA Live series. We were even more chuffed when we learnt this was his first trek out of the safe, lonely confines of bedroom production and into the cleaner, more polished public world of studio recording.

Everything we lusted about Guerre since the very beginning, we see shining brighter than ever in this video. All of his bare-bones passion remains at the forefront. Where it belongs. And, although cleaned with a shinier overcoat, his homemade aesthetic remains unshaken. This is still solely HIS music. Stripped, fragile and vulnerable. Yet proudly holding it's own. Not backing down or second-guessing itself even for a second.

A huge thanks once again to everyone involved for their amazing work making this happen. Especially to Whaley Bigjesus for his delicate slicing and his direction on this one ("let's get some big lights!").


Presented by
Polaroids of Androids
Studios 301
Antelope Recordings

Filmed at
Studios 301

Filmed by
Justina Grubski
Yael Stempler

Edited by
Justina Grubski
Whaley Bigjesus

Audio Produced by
Tim Carr

Audio Engineered by
Simon Todkill

Audio Mastered by
Andrew Edgson

Directed by
Whaley Bigjesus

Filed Under
PoA Live


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Holy fuck this is amazing!!!! Everything about it.

1 decade ago


Doesn't he just seem like a really sweet dude? Just has that look about him somehow

1 decade ago

Muscle'n Flo

so awesome! what a badcunt

1 decade ago


I thought he was going to be the first episode with the amount of love you guys heap on him. Well deserved, what a legend.

1 decade ago


Love this. Have watched it a good 20 times. Totes get meatloaf on board for the next one

1 decade ago


I <3 Guerre/Gwwwweeeerrre/Gruyere Cheese

1 decade ago

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