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Polaroids Of Androids

PoA Live

#3: Bachelorette

You know Rav. He's written lot's of great things for this little website, including this mild massacring of The Vasco Era, this abusive bullying of Rivers Cuomo and this lovely little anti-marijuana/pro-brat-punk rub down.

In addition to his journalistic capabilities, Rav is also a fairly Top Bloke. In fact, he's so nice he even recently let us have the keys to his apartment for a few hours. Instead of hosting a marathon slip-n-slide contest in his bedroom, filling the living room with discarded, half-eaten take-away chicken carcasses and/or starting our own single-malt cider distillery in the bathroom (all of which we've previously done when Ravey has bestowed us with this responsibility), we decided to get the wonderful Annabel Alpers (aka Bachelorette) to trek across the Tasman for the afternoon to perform a couple of songs.

With the beautifully smoggy Sydney skyline as the backdrop, a fridge full of Jim Beam 'n Cola cans (thanks again Rav!) and the sweet stench of bachelorism* in the air, it (somewhat unexpectedly) turned out to be the perfect environment for Bachelorette's engrossing, one-woman-band compositions.

Here's part one of her live session, featuring a performance of the track Sugarbug from her brilliant new self-titled album.

* See what we did there? Yeah. Ok. And that's more of a reference to Ravioli Conquests than any odors from the lovely Miss Bach Bach. Obvs.


Presented by
Polaroids of Androids
Studios 301
Antelope Recordings

Filmed at
Rav's Apartment

Filmed by
Madeleine Johnson

Edited by
Justina Grubski

Audio Produced by
Tim Carr

Audio Engineered & Mastered by
Andrew Edgson

Directed by
Whaley Bigjesus

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PoA Live


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although I enjoyed this recording, she's better live on stage with the computer generated mandala-esque artwork synched to the music...

9 years ago

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